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Imagine seeing the Queen that close as she goes by in her golden carriage

The kiddies will have something to tell their kiddies won't they? And a drink of real champagne to go with it

Coronation Day 2 June 1953

A humble working-class family from Sheffield is desperate to buy train tickets to London to see the coronation but doing so means forsaking their annual seaside holiday. After some scrimping and saving and a family meeting in which the enthusiasm of the children overrules the reluctance of their long-suffering mother and grandmother the Clagg family take the plunge and buy premium champagne tickets for the big day. But alas not everything goes smoothly. Will their tickets be everything they hoped for and dreamed? Will granny stop grumbling that it's all a waste of money? And most importantly will they all get to see their beloved Queen? In this tender and heartwarming story Paul Gallico brings to life the joy and fervor that swept the nation.