Ny tilføjelse Communicating Advice: Peer Tutoring and Communication Practice (Paperback) by Atkins-Sayre Wendy Yook Eunkyong Lee 4UOMUfkE

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Product Description:

Although competent peer tutoring depends heavily on knowledge within the particular discipline there is certainly more to the process than subject knowledge alone. One of the most important components of tutoring in any academic area is effective communication. Research in the area of communication studies is relevant to all areas of tutoring but is often only a minor component of peer tutoring training. This book brings together tutoring center experts and communication experts to provide research-based advice for training peer and near-peer tutors. With a broad audience in mind these experts translate research from the fields of communication and pedagogy into advice that can be used for tutoring in any field. Peer tutoring centers or pedagogy courses in any discipline will find this book to be an effective discussion tool for encouraging tutors to consider the importance of how they communicate their advice to students.