Meget brugbar Anglo Saxons (Explore!) (Hardcover) by Bingham Jane KG05yINC

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Product Description:

Travel back to the time of the Anglo Saxons

Who was Alfred the Great? Where did the Anglo Saxons come from and what traditions and beliefs did they bring with them? Explore this ancient civilisation to understand how prehistoric people have influenced the way we live today. Find out how we know about the Anglo Saxons and how archaeologiests and historians have pieced together their story from the evidence and artefacts found. Learn about the Anglo Saxon way of life - how they farmed and feasted what they believed and where and how they lived. Information about their songs music poems arts and crafts will help you to picture yourself among them. Read an Anglo Saxon warrior's letter and try your hand at making an Anglo Saxon helmet

The Explore

series takes an all-round hands-on approach to history making the subject relevant to all areas of curriculum learning - geography art science technology literacy and numeracy. Readers will enjoy the bright design and photographic approach.