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TO HELP YOU GET STARTED JOANNA HALL'S WALKACTIVE PROGRAMME NOW INCLUDES A FREE AUDIO COACHING SESSION TO DOWNLOAD Joanna Hall's Walkactive Programme has been scientifically verified to: enhance posture; promote weight loss; reduce joint stress and improve body shape (South Bank Sports Performance Laboratory) As an exercise physiologist Joanna Hall knows without doubt that it is possible to get the body you long for without hassle pain guilt or cost. You don't need sophisticated state-of-the-art exercise kit. You don't need a personal trainer or two hours a day of blood sweat and tears in a gym. You have everything you need right here right now - your body. You can use it in the simplest most natural way imaginable to see an amazing transformation in your shape. All you have to do is walk - the Walkactive way

This inspiring and practical new book will teach you a more intelligent and active way to walk - a way that uses your body to its full capacity and in the process will change your shape and your fitness levels dramatically. Walkactive can help you drop inches from your waist improve your fitness and muscle tone reduce stress and low mood and keep the signs of ageing at bay. It will work whatever your age fitness health or stage of life. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other. Packed with step-by-step advice and photographs to help you master the technique motivational case studies and quotes tips and strategies plus specific plans to help you lose weight improve your fitness and your health Joanna Hall's Walkactive Programme is the book we've all been waiting for.