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'Following the outstanding introduction by the authors there are fifteen excellent original articles devoted to an integrated theory of the relationship between the state and crime. This work is on the cutting edge of critical criminology. It is a must read.' - William J. Chambliss Professor of Sociology The George Washington University USA. 'This book is a superb compilation of original papers by an impressive roster of authors. While the articles cover a wide range of empirical issues from Northern Ireland and corporate crime to youth crime and heterosexual hegemony they all explore the implications strategies and mechanisms of state power. There isn't a weak paper here: all are extensively documented well written persuasive and scholarly in the very best sense.' - Professor Laureen Snider Queens University Canada 'State Power Crime is a hugely important book for these times. Bringing together some of the most original minds in criminology it offers a critical analysis of the state how it constructs crime responds to it and at times engages in the very same. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in justice freedom and equality.'- Paddy Rawlinson London School of Economics Featuring contributions by many of the leading scholars in the field this seminal text explores the key themes and debates on state power today in relation to crime and social order. It critically evaluates a range of substantive areas of criminological concern including terrorism surveillance violence and the media. State Power Crime provides: 'historical overviews of key theories about state power ' assessment of the relationship between crime criminal justice and the state ' analysis of the development of law and order policy ' discussion of the impact of structural fissures such as gender race and sexuality ' an overview of current research and writing ' critical reflection on the future direction of research and analysis ' advice on further reading. In 1978 with the publication of Hall et al's Policing the Crisis and Poulantzas's State Power Socialism the complexity of the state's interventions in maintaining a capitalist social order were laid bare for critical criminological analysis. State Power Crime offers an up-to-date and comprehensive examination of the challenges posed by state power in relation to both criminal and social justice.