Anvendelse af råvarer Family Therapy as Socially Transformative Practice: Practical Strategies (AFTA SpringerBriefs in Family Therapy) (Paperback) by George Sally Wulff Dan ytYQZvma

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This thorough review of social justice in family therapy guides practitioners to incorporate concepts of equity and fairness in their work. Expanding on the relationships between larger social contexts and individuals' family functioning it offers practical strategies for talking with families about power disparities injustice and respect and for empowering clients inside and outside the therapy room. Case studies and discussions with therapists illustrate how family challenges are commonly exacerbated outside the home and the potential for this understanding to help clients work toward positive change while improving therapists' professional development. The book's accessible solution-focused approach shows small therapeutic steps changing families communities and clinical practice for the better. Included in the coverage: * Family therapy + social justice + daily practices = transforming therapy. * Researcher as practitioner: practitioner as researcher. * Learning to speak social justice talk in family therapy. * Supporting the development of novice therapists. * Everyday solution-focused recursion: when family therapy faculty supervisors researchers students and clients play well together. * Family therapy stories: stretching customary family therapy practices. At once down-to-earth and inspiring Family Therapy as Socially Transformative Practice is a must read for those interested in family therapy and family-centered practices and policies.