2018 Hot Products Daniel (Apollos) (Apollos Old Testament Commentary) (Hardcover) by Lucas Ernest Baker David W. Wenham Gordon John JL2prMBG

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In many ways the Old Testament book of Daniel is an enigma. It consists of two different kinds of material: stories about Judean exiles working in the court of pagan kings (chapter 1-6) and accounts of visions experienced by one of these exiles (chapters 7-12). It is written in two languages Hebrew and Aramaic and the language division does not matchthe subject division. Whether the book's affinities lie more with the Hebrew prophets or with later Jewish apocalypses is debated as are its affinities with the wisdom traditions of both Israel and Babylon. Refreshingly Ernest Lucas postpones much of the discussion of such issues to an Epilogue and invites the reader to an investigation of the meaning of the text in the form in which we now have it. He identifies the central theme of the book as the sovereignty of the God of Israel. With even-handedness and clarity he demonstrates that for preachers and teachers there is much in Daniel that is fairly readily understandable and applicable and that there are also theological depths which are rewarding for those willing to plumb them and wrestle with the issues they raise.